Albert Einstein. Charles Darwin. Immanuel Kant. What binded these iconic and prestigious thinkers and writers was their uncanny ability to reach beyond the realm of normal human thought and pull back the curtain, revealing new worlds of perception and advancement, propelling our society into a new era of intelligence and understanding. They were people who broke the mold that surrounded the limits of Man, and probed into the vast and complex recesses of the human mind and the universe around us.

Today, however, it appears that we’ve found the latest genius to progess our modern way of thinking towards the next stage of global culture and awareness.

Blake Vapes, mastermind behind the high-pitched stoner voice and revered vapor clouds, has finally emerged from his woodland study/laboratory to mingle with mortals. In his most recent #KILLINIT video installment, he sits down with none other than EDM’s Gandhi, Marshmello, in a riveting and fascinating discussion about science, technology, religion, politics, and the future of civilization.

For nearly three minutes, each of the two demigogues reveal a profound and nearly ungraspable take on the most important issues of today, poring over the broadest conjectures and most intimate details with enthusiasm and wit. Step aside Plato, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Watch the brilliant and inspiring conversation below, and make sure to get out a pen and paper so you can keep up with the troves of information.


Image: Aristotle Georgeson

Disclaimer: This is obviously sarcasm and we hope you had a good laugh.