Two weeks after winning over new fans with another brilliant single “Dead Flowers” from his EP Midnight Whispers, young French producer finally debuts EP in full via Nowadays Records.

Known for producing only once the sun comes down, a surprising fact that’s somehow made less surprising once you dive deep into the music, Kultur invites us all to a special place found between our dreams and reality with the dreamy, ethereal nuances of Midnight Whispers. 

“The listening starts with ‘See The World’ where we discover a foretaste of the EP, as if you entered a dream, until ‘Just A Dream’ draws us off it. ‘Unravel’ illustrates that return to the reality, before the final piano track, nostalgic reminder of this six track dream. It’s an EP with a special and a nocturnal atmosphere, and I think that the best experience is to discover it at night.”

Whether you’re a night owl in need of a soundtrack for your life or a mellow day-dreamer stuck somewhere in the middle, Midnight Whispers will really resonate as a shining example of rich storytelling through ample synth layers, hazy atmospheres, and mellow beats.