22-year-old, UK-based producer Anikdote has just released his latest original track, this time in the form of a highly energized trap heater via NCS. “Imma Killa” features a wide variety of powerful and abrasive electro-infused trap elements, creating a vibe that’s perfectly suited for the festival floor or his upcoming Ibiza residency in 2017.

The track begins with spectrum-wide, sweeping stabs of synth, until raucous percussion and a vocal sample carry it upwards towards the drop. Suddenly, stuttering horn sounds swirl above a rumbling sub bass and heavy drums, as the beat switches back and forth from wild moombahton to trap. After a brief rest, the energy picks back up, dropping the listener off at an even crazier variation of the first break.

Listen below, and check further down to grab your free download.

Click here to download the track for free!