BPM’s Tommy West recently got the opportunity to talk with the masterminds known as Porter Robinson and Madeon, and the interview is loaded with humble insight as to what “Shelter” and its tour are all about. From Dragon Ball Z comparisons to video games and relishing the interactions between each other on stage, the two dance music powerhouses share their thoughts on what the Shelter tour means to them and their fans.

Unfortunately they shared the inevitable heartbreaking news that this is a very temporary project, too…

“What makes it special is that we are gonna go back to our solo projects, we know this is a transient moment and we’re taking it all in and enjoying it immensely.” – Madeon

And just as Porter did with his Worlds live show, the Shelter tour is about much more than just a collaborative dance show. It’s a creative feast that’s meant to be enjoyed like a fine art exhibit where the combined presence of Porter and Madeon are the centerpiece.

“Part of the whole ambiance that we were going for by selecting so many seated theaters is to really distinguish this from an EDM show.” – Porter Robinson

The interview is short, sweet and loaded with details, just have a listen below.

H/T Dancing Astronaut

Facebook Image via Rukes.com