We don’t always have Shazam or SoundHound at our fingertips, and sometimes the dark expanse of club walls and overwhelming festival settings can play havoc with reception and data. So what is one to do when confronted with an absolutely Earth-shattering track but no way to identify the majestic arrangement?

Well, the good folks at Thump have compiled a couple different ways to go about decoding that delectable ear candy. We’ve posted our favorites below, but be sure to check out their original piece for the full scoop.

1. 1001tracklists.com

This is my personal go-to, and except for the occasional splintering tune, 1001tracklists is usually quite reliable. It takes mixes and sets from shows all over the world, and its userbase then deliberates on the proper titles included in the material. It’s cool to watch the data compile in real time, as the mixes will slowly get filled with track names and corrections. Give the community a day or two and the entire tracklist will be identified without a hitch.

2. MixesDB.com

MixesDB is similar to 1001tracklists, but users have much more ownership over the uploads and each piece of music has its own comment thread instead of an interactive display, á la throwback music forums.

3. The Identification of Music Group

Okay, this one’s a bit exclusive, but if you can manage to get invited into the closed Facebook group, a world of discovery awaits. At nearly 30,000 member strong, the group hosts a wealth of musical knowledge, and some pretty nifty exchanges happen on a daily basis. Check out Thump for some more stories and details on how the group works.

4. SoundCloud, YouTube & Mixcloud Comments

One of the more direct places to scavenge an elusive ID is the comments section on streaming sites like SoundCloud, YouTube, and Mixcloud. Oftentimes fans will timestamp the track in question, and so begins a discussion on the track’s author, name, date of birth, favorite food, etc. Seriously, don’t underestimate the power of comments, just be ready to brave the trolls.

5. Reddit

The dedicated community at Reddit shares nothing if not their obsession over the things they love. Most of us are members ourselves, and it’s no secret the r/Skrillex thread knows we’re frequent visitors. If you’re in need of a certain track title, especially if it’s played during a set or mix, Reddit offers a range of options including /r/tracklists or /r/mixes.


Source: Thump