What a year it’s been for the Dutch wunderkind Martin Garrix. After sealing his position as the number one DJ in the world and creating a hit record with Bebe Rexha, it would seem that Garrix is indestructible. In a recent interview with ‘Radio and Music’ in Dubai, Garrix opened up about his creative process, his inspiration, and his future in the music industry.

The interview was conducted over email, making Garrix’s responses relatively short, but they provide some great insight into what makes the young artist tick and where he gets his passion from.

The interview starts by going over Garrix’s creative process, Garrix stating, “My creative process is different every time. All kinds of things can inspire me.”

He proceeds to talk about his favorite shows in India, saying, “the last show of the India tour in Kolkata was a very special one.” When asked about the artists he considers to be the most influential, he predictably listed Tiësto as the biggest one saying, “My actual mentor is Tiësto. He has taught me a lot about music and the industry.” Garrix then goes on to talk about his nerves before he gets on stage, and how his nervousness actually fuels his passion for performing.

“I always get butterflies when I go on stage,” he said. “It is one of the reasons why I love performing so much.”

You can read the full interview over at the Radio and Music website.


Source: Radio and Music | Image via Rukes.com