We’ve got a chronic case of the Mondays; the weekend flew by far too quickly and the temperature just keeps on dropping. Fortunately for all of us, there’s no shortage of hot beats around to keep the chilliness outside. Case in point: ‘Pnoid’, the brand spankin’ new track from freshly formed duo, Guccimen.

The project is a collaborative endeavor from the minds of Space Jesus and Freddy Todd, which is a simply stellar pairing. While they each have their own unique style, their sound design compliments each other in the best way possible. ‘Pnoid’ puts this fact (and Guccimen’s raw talent) on display undeniably. The tune is an eclectic fusion of styles and sits somewhere at the crossroads of mid-tempo, trap, and dubstep. Grungy yet atmospheric vibes kick things off and remain present throughout; this forms the background for a tapestry of weird and wonky synth work that doesn’t slack on the low-end. The percussion here is truly impressive as well, going from maximal to minimal in the blink of an eye without ever losing its crispness. The cherry on top is the digitized vocals and sound effects; you’ll feel as if you’re inside a broadband modem from another dimension.

Check out the full stream of ‘Pnoid’ after the jump and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more from the duo in the near future.

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