As we slide deeper into winter, our musical focus sometimes shifts. While we love our bangers to death, the cold weather makes us want to curl up and listen to something hypnotizing. This is why we were especially glad to discover the music of Beatfarmer and Shankara.

The former hails from Canada and the latter is a duo native to New Zealand; the distance between them didn’t hinder their will to collaborate. The result of their efforts is Encounter, a 4-track EP chock-full of entrancing rhythms. Both provided an original track and then proceeded to remix one another. Beatfarmer’s airy style compliments the dub and world-influenced sound of Shankara perfectly, producing ambient mid-tempo soundscapes. They also mange to incorporate nature’s music into their own; native yips and chants can be heard amongst birds chirping and frogs gurgling, all with a backdrop of bass. All in all, it is an absolutely mesmerizing piece of music. If you enjoy the work of artists like Kalya Scintilla and David Starfire, then this is definitely for you.

Encounter has been released via Street Ritual and is available for purchase on their Bandcamp page. Check out the full stream after the jump and grab a copy if you’re feeling the vibes.


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