Social media platforms are an absolute treasure trove of data, and if you take the time to dig through, there are some fascinating insights just waiting to be discovered. The good folks at Twitter have divulged their year-end data for 2016, compiling everything from the most discussed topics, to the biggest trending challenges (of course, it’s Rae Sremmurd’s Mannequin Challenge). However, we’re interested in what all that juicy data has to say about music.

The Grammys and VMAs were the #2 and #3 most discussed award shows, respectively, and the most trending topics in music were the Grammys at number one, VMAs at number two, and Mannequin Challenge holding down the third spot.

Exo takes the claim as the world’s #1 trending artist in all their K-pop glory, while Prince was #3, Justin Bieber took #4, and David Bowie was the fifth most-discussed artist. I’ll refrain from commenting about the blasphemy of Bieber being before Bowie in this list…

Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna, took the top four positions for most-followed celebrities; those latter three certainly have their electronic music collaborations to thank for some of those extra follows, *cough cough* Calvin Harris.

The analog bliss of Stranger Things made the series the 7th most-talked about show on television, and Skrillex’s work with Rick Ross on “Purple Lamborghini” must have had an impact on Suicide Squad becoming the second highest trending movie of the year.

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