Back in August of this year, DJ Snake released an unprecedented hip hop track featuring vocals from the likes of Travis Scott, Migos and G4SHI. “Oh Me Oh My” was characterized by its raw, no-BS beat and darker atmospheric tones than much of DJ Snake’s previous work. It has remained, since its release, as one of the most recognized and enjoyed tracks from the French producer’s 2016 roster.

Now, however, the song appears to have been flipped on its head by none other than MALAA. The masked creator, rumored to be a project contributed to by Tchami, DJ Snake himself and others, was recorded playing out a brand new remix of “Oh Me Oh My” during a recent live event. And oh boy does it bang.

With immense, deep house wubs and a fantastic percussion section, the track is sure to become an instant hit upon release. While details surrounding the remix are virtually nonexistent, the cleanliness of the mix and audience impact suggest that it won’t be long before we get our hands on the full thing.

Listen to the live preview below, and check further down for the original version.