Three weeks ago, ARUNA shook the world of dance music with her drum & bass debut “Ready to Go” with Rameses B. Today, the two artists have linked up once again for a once-in-a-lifetime remix release for one of the year’s arguable best songs, “Time to Say Goodbye” by Mr FijiWijiDirect and ARUNA herself.

Before even listening to Mr FijiWiji’s Dogma EP, I knew “Time to Say Goodbye” was going to be something special. ARUNA’s heavenly vocals and gorgeous piano chords must have hit the EDM community in a very unique way, causing the song to amass more than 2 million total YouTube views in six months.

If you didn’t think “Time to Say Goodbye” could get any better, you may be pleasantly surprised with ARUNA & Rameses B’s VIP. The remix keeps some of the track’s best elements (like Mr FijiWiji’s ingenious vocal chops), but adds a heap of atmospheric pads, wobbly synths and smooth percussion. Additionally, the remix is much more upbeat than the original, so listeners who aren’t fans of downtempo garage may enjoy this version a bit more. Either way, this isn’t a remix you want to miss out on!

Listen to ARUNA & Rameses B’s remix of “Time to Say Goodbye” and grab your free download below:

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