The famed trance vocalist ARUNA has officially broken the mold with her newest release. “Ready to Go” is ARUNA’s first-ever collaboration with Monstercat label-veteran Rameses B, and is arguably her most shocking single yet.

While ARUNA has ventured into production in the past with her Enhanced Music releases, “Ready to Go” is her first time ever delving into drum & bass. Furthermore, this is ARUNA’s first ever song that does not include her own vocals. Instead, the track features the Californian electronic pop singer KINGDØMS, marking his label debut.

Surprisingly, “Ready to Go” is exactly what it makes itself out to be. It’s perfectly ARUNA, featuring her unique trance synths and plucks, but is also perfectly Rameses B, wrapping ARUNA’s elements up with his signature drum & bass percussion patterns.

With “Ready to Go” coming just six months after her Monstercat debut, my money is on ARUNA being a permanent (or at least semi-permanent) signing to the label. In her recent “I am ARUNA” Reddit AMA, she also made mention of a December release with Rameses B, so get excited!

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