Illenium has no doubt been a breakout star in 2016. Beyond releasing his debut album, Ashes, he has been touring constantly and selling out dates in every major market in the US. His fans go absolutely crazy for him and it’s hard not to let yourself get caught up in the euphoria at one of his shows.

One of his strengths, it seems, is creating tracks that are absolutely perfect for remixing. It’s been a long time coming, but the Ashes (Remixes) album is finally out today. Featuring excellent works from a variety of artists including Synchronice, K?d, Virtu, Kill Paris, FURY, T-Mass & LZRD, MrFijiWiji and so many more, this has to be one of the finest collections of remixes this year.

Perhaps the best part is that with the exception of two or three tracks, each track from the original album received a singularly unique remix. You can check them all out below!