Sofia Kourtesis might not be a name you know right now, but she’s making her mark on the global stage. Like many others in the music industry, Sofia started by throwing events in college which segued into her taking on the mantle of musician and DJ herself.

For the holidays, Sofia has prepared a 30-minute continuous mix that puts her knack for curating on full display as she transitions between down tempo selections from artists such as Christian Löffler, Aphex Twin, and ends it on a holiday note with Donna Hathaway – ‘This Christmas’.

The mix also includes her new remix of “Cool Kids” by Me Succeeds which comes out next Friday, the 23rd. It exhibits her ability to think outside the box as she utilizes the voice of her Uncle – recording it, sampling it, and playing it backwards – as the backdrop for her rendition.

Track Listing:
1. Robag Wruhme – Tulpa Ovi
2. Christian Löffler feat. Mohna – Wilderness
3. Me Succeeds – Cool Kids, SofiaKourtesis Remix
4. Roman Flügel – Fantasy
5. Aphex Twin – Flim
6. Smallpeople – Move
7. White Collar Boy – New Year, Dave DK Remix
8. Isolée – Allowance
9. Roman Flügel – Life Tends To Come And Go
10. Donna Hathaway – This Christmas