After an eventful tug-of-war with Disney over his iconic mau5 head, deadmau5 has become quite versed in the ways of copyright and trademark protection. So in 2015, when Zimmerman tried to file a trademark to protect the name of his beloved cat only to find out the intellectual property of “Meowingtons” had already been taken, he was far from pleased.

The “Meowingtons” name was officially filed as a trademark in 2014 by Emma Bassiri for her website which sells feline-themed apparel and accessories, but deadmau5 is now petitioning the United States Patent and Trademark Office to revoke Bassiri’s trademark on the basis of first use, as he’s been using the name since he adopted Meowingtons back in 2010. Additionally, deadmau5 says that the website has created excessive confusion between the real Meowingtons and Bassiri’s unaffiliated products, and the company’s poor reviews are tarnishing the real Meowingtons name.


Source: Billboard