Looks like Disney has learned a valuable lesson that the dance music community knew years ago: don’t pick a fight with Deadmau5. Last year, Disney went after Joel Zimmerman over the trademark of his Deadmau5 logo, which they claimed looked way too similar to their own “mouse head with black ears, black face, white eyes, and white mouth.” Immediately he engaged, particularly because Disney had not only known about the DJ, but had worked with him on more than one occasion over the past few years.

While it seemed like this dispute was going to turn ugly quickly, it’s been reported that the two parties have settled, and that Deadmau5 won’t have to give up his logo for Disney’s sake. The terms of the “amicable resolution” haven’t been revealed yet, but they will be soon once Zimmerman sends his registrations to the Trademark Office. It’s a big win for the Canadian, who dropped his other potential suit against a producer of a Deadmau5-inspired musical¬†which now claims to be a parody.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter