Earlier this month, The Chainsmokers revealed two Snapchat video previews of an upcoming single entitled “Paris,” which they proceeded to play out in full at a live show this week.¬†One of the questions circulating the duo’s massive fan base ever since the track was first teased, however, was who the female vocalist could be. Rumors sprang up pointing to Selena Gomez as the culprit, but an August tweet from The Chainsmokers themselves suggests someone entirely unexpected.


On August 31, The Chainsmokers tagged French singer Louane¬†in a post mentioning that they “can’t wait to wrap this up.” Supposedly referring to a collaborative track between the two, it would make sense that Louane’s song is actually the unreleased “Paris” single that is beginning to seep out into The Chainsmokers’ social media accounts and live shows.


Louane found acclaim when she participated on the French edition of The Voice, where she sang a memorable audition in front of a panel of astounded judges.

Given the French/”Paris” connection and the similarity between the voices, it’s becoming safer to pin Loune as the official collaborator on the next Chainsmokers single.

According to a tweet from the duo today, the track might even come as a precursor to a debut album.


Image: Rukes