Deadmau5 is easily one of the world’s most fascinating artists to follow. Not only for his unfiltered and outspoken personality, but because of his genuine love and appreciation for good music and the talent behind it.

We shouldn’t be surprised then, that deadmau5 has reached out to an aspiring musician hoping to kickstart his career with a move to the music hub of Los Angeles. While the style and genre aren’t what you’d expect deadmau5 to be gushing over, he’s emphatic about BoMason’s talent and has extended the offer of a lifetime to the New Jersey native.

1 million plays from deadmau5

At the time of writing, BoMason is just shy of 800 SoundCloud followers, and his most-played track, “Evolve,” sits at 134k, but deadmau5 has continued to tweet about the genius he thinks of BoMason to his following of over 3.5 million fans. It hasn’t even been a day since deadmau5 extended his offer, but with that kind of backing and such a large audience, it seems a very real possibility that BoMason might reach one million plays, especially with no specified time frame. Here are two of deadmau5′ favorite tracks.


Source: r/deadmau5 | Photo via Matt Barnes