Excision‘s most aspiring protégé is back on Monstercat for round two. Though the 17-year-old producer is known for his hard-hitting brand of brostep, Dion Timmer has been gradually drifting into new territories with his most recent releases. Timmer’s sound is one he describes as “neon,” which combined pitched-up vocals with elements of hands-up and trance music.

With “Lost,” this sound comes into full swing. Unlike “Panic,” this one is most definitely not doing any fan service. Retreating from brostep entirely, “Lost” brings out Timmer’s trap side, a side fans only get to see occasionally. Furthermore, this trap is nothing like the producer has ever handled before, with its chopped vocals and screaming synths. If you’re not a fan of Dion Timmer, “Lost” might turn you over!

Listen to “Lost” and buy the track below:

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