Two of the most significant names in underground bass music, Ekali and KRANE, have just paired up to release their first collaborative single, “Akira.” Featuring a healthy mixture of trap and future bass, the song is an instantly recognizable heater that perfectly blends the two’s respective production approaches. The result is a track worthy of a few consecutive listens, and certainly one that’s bound for the live show rotation.

It starts with powerful piano chords and an onrush of echoing vocals and synths. Crisp snare rolls gradually lead towards the build, where a swell of white noise and thunderous horns carry upwards into the drop. Suddenly, massive sirens weave in and out of the mix above a rumbling sub bass and sharp percussion hits. They’re soon replaced with choral vocal stings, before fading away for a short, flute-centered respite. The song climbs once more, this time dropping off into a bouncy and euphoric future bass atmosphere.

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