Monstercat is unloading the heavy artillery, but this time it isn’t from Pegboard Nerds. “Panic” is the newest release and Monstercat debut of Dion Timmer, a protégé of the one and only Excision. While it isn’t as wacky as his Harambe tribute or as ambitious as his summer EP My World, “Panic” is still one for the books.

2016 has seen Timmer heavily expanding his horizons, with the Dutch talent experimenting in electro house and melodic trap more than ever before. However, “Panic” seems to be less of an experiment and more of straight fan service, with Timmer stepping back into his more well-known style of brostep. Both its emotional lyrics and its energetic synth builds are two key features of this banger that sets it apart from other similarly-styled tunes. If nothing else, try to at least enjoy this one for its absolutely killer, bass-heavy drop.

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