The Major Lazer and Showtek collaborative track “Believer” is one of the singles from Major Lazer’s new, upcoming album Music Is The Weapon, but we never expected its accompanying music video to be so emotional.

Enter the brand new music video of “Believer,” directed by EDM film XOXO‘s director Christopher Louie and inspired by the now-infamous photo of Omran Daqneesh covered in dust and debris after a bomb hit his home. Louie divulged the details of the video’s creation, which included much input from Diplo and Showtek-member Sjoerd Janssen and was shot on location in the Middle East, in a press release. Read his quotes below:

Like everyone in the world I was heartbroken by that image [of Omran Daqneesh], but I also saw a glimmer of hope. As dark as the subject matter is, the point of our “Believer” video was to capture the resilience of youth and the hope displayed by communities coming together to save victims from the rubble. If it wasn’t for the support from Sjoerd of Showtek and guidance from Diplo and his creative director Sara, this video would not have turned out as emotionally powerful as it has. There were countless obstacles that go along with shooting in an unfamiliar country but with the help of the local film community we got through them all and created something special in the process.

Watch the “Believer” music video below:


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