The 2016 Year End Worldwide Top 200 Clubs by Ticket Sales was recently released by Pollstar and, at a glance, there appear to be quite a few familiar venues within the dance music world that have made it onto the list.

Right off the bat, one of North America’s most iconic dance clubs Webster Hall is sitting pretty at #2 with 279,090 tickets sold during the tracking period. Its New York neighbor, the iconic Terminal 5, sits not too far behind coming in at #4 with close to 260,000 tickets sold on the year. While not necessarily a dance-first venue like Webster Hall is, it has nevertheless played host to plenty of dance music acts on the year. The same goes for Denver’s Ogden Theatre which has hosted a fair share of dance music shows; due to Denver’s large dance music fanbase, they came in #8 with just over 184,000 tickets sold.

LA’s Hollywood Palladium and The Fonda Theater came in back to back in 15th and 16th selling 146,205, and 141,769 tickets respectively while another popular venue familiar to dance fans on the northwest, Roseland Theatre of Portland, trumped them both with just over 152,000 tickets and 13th place on the list.

If you’re wondering what the top-selling venue was, it’s Boston’s House of Blues with a staggering 323,165 tickets sold. The only venue anywhere near, not to speak of above, the 300,000 ticket mark.

The lone international representatives in the top 20 are Metropolis in Montreal which came in at #11, and Belgium’s Ancienne Belgique which was the 5th most popular venue to meet the criteria globally. Check out the full top 200 list below.


H/T: Pollstar Pro | Featured Image Source: Clubs In NYC