With the new year well under way, The Chainsmokers have begun an epic schedule of song teasers, having played out and featured clips of two highly anticipated IDs in their live sets and on social media. During their NYE weekend set at LACC, the duo dropped “Paris,” an alleged, upcoming collaboration with French vocalist Louane.

Featuring soaring vocal work and an unmistakably bouncy Chainsmokers beat, the track has since been referred to as a possible precursor to an eventual album.

The second track, still classified as a full ID, was featured this Friday on the official aftermovie of Jingle Ball’s 2016 installment. Despite not having the full track at our disposal, the lyrics “The day I met you” appear in both the new preview and The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” with Halsey. It is because of this similarity that fans have regarded the new song as a potential sequel to the smash hit.

Check out the new ID at 2:13 in the video below, and scroll further to check out The Chainsmokers playing out part of their upcoming “Paris” track.


Image: Rukes