I’ve been listening to Televisor for nearly as long as I’ve been listening to electronic music. After going through my pop house and dubstep phases, I inevitably found my way headed toward French house and nu-disco styles, of which I consider Televisor to be one of their foremost ambassadors.

If you need any proof of such a thing, you need only listen to their new track “Odyssey,” featuring the always glorious Danyka Nadeau. “Odyssey” has all the hallmarks of a poppy, upbeat disco classic. That pounding piano riff coupled with the talkbox vocal chops and of course an ethereal female vocal to tie it all together… all the pieces are there. If this were released in the ’70s, there’s no doubt it would have been a radio hit.

That being said, the quality of the production is as good as ever and we’ll be jamming to this no matter the decade. Check it out below!

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