Now that electronic music is entering the mainstream more than ever before, there seems to be a shift in producers’ thinking when it comes to tracks. Perhaps it’s just confirmation bias, but many producers are shying away from the typical “EDM” sound – or whatever is considered to be the commercial sound of electronic music – and moving more toward legitimate songwriting practices.

“Living Color” by Savoy with FatherDude is a prime example of this. While it’s definitely reflecting the disco styles of the late 70s, there’s an inherent modernism to it that comes along with newer production styles. Plenty of reverb and effects across the track give it a polish and shine that couldn’t have been possible four decades ago.

“But there was a rawness, an authenticity, to that music!”

I agree, and that’s where FatherDude comes in. With his vocals, the track reaches peak completeness and everyone can go home happy. Check it out below: