UPDATE 1/23 | Unfortunately it seems like the playlist has been taking down, but you can still listen to a few “Influences” mixes from CK on his Soundcloud here.

After releasing the third mix in a series of Daft Punk tributes, DJ CK of Dublin, Ireland decided to put together the most expansive Daft Punk playlist of all time.

Featuring 1,018 songs and spanning across several decades, the massive playlist is composed of songs that inspired the robotic duo in their pursuits to become one of the most recognized acts in all of music. From electronic to disco and house to horror, the endless Spotify playlist is a dream come true for the most dedicated of Daft Punk fanatics.

DJ Sneak, Waxmaster, Giorgio Moroder, James Brown, Bee Gees, Jackson 5, Herbie Hancock David Bowie, Kraftwerk and Big Daddy Kane are only a few of the hundreds of names in the roster.

Check it out in its entirety below, and send props over to CK for an absolutely incredible job.


H/T: FACT | Image: TheyCallMeJT