In honor of his newest single, “Always” with CHOCO, Julian Jordan recently teamed up with Japanese site AsQme to answer a series of fan-submitted questions about his life, career and future.

During the round-up of video responses, Julian gives his take on the current rave scene and its often discussed drug usage habits, as well as information on his own song production process and touring schedule. He talks about his favorite pizza, weirdest experience with a fan, and even gives advice to aspiring musicians who hope to someday reach his level of acclaim and talent.

Listen to Julian Jordan’s new single below, and check his AsQme answers further down. The complete collection of videos can be found here.

What’s your opinion on the rave scene and drug usage that comes up? Do you think security needs to be stepped up?

How long do you usually take to make a track?

Weirdest thing a fan ever did?

What was your best show?

My question is, what is your advice on tips for beginners and who want to pursue the same career as you?

What is the best feeling you get when you play in a Festival or in a club?

What is your favorite song of Julian Jordan?

Any ongoing songs or collabs we could look forward to?