It was recently announced that “The Baron of Techno,” Dave Clarke, will not be performing in the US for the next four years. This comes after our 45th president was sworn into office this month and a subsequent uproar from the masses occurred. Clarke announced this news on his Facebook last week stating, “I simply cannot consider coming to the US professionally when there is a Misogonyst Narcissist Racist President in office.”

Considering Clarke has been an influential member of the techno community for over three decades now, this might come as a shock to many. This will inevitably stir up some conflict from both Trump supporters and Trump haters that are members of Clarke’s fan base. Clarke states that even if he wanted to, he most likely would not be able to renew his work visa anyway due to Trump’s “‘Hire American’ policy.”

We will be missing something in our clubs for the next four years to say the least. However, I hope more influential artists take a stand like Clarke did in the coming months. You can see the entire Facebook post below:


H/T Dancing Astronaut | Featured Image from Club Culture