The Queens native Ari El has just released a gem of a techno EP. After playing countless venues across the US, creating a successful after-hours techno party in Atlanta, and now releasing his Poetic Justice EP, Ari El is showing no signs of slowing down. This new three-track EP will have you movin’ and groovin’ all night.

Each track on the EP has some huge bass, so whip out that sub woofer if you have one. “Poetic Justice,” the first track on the EP, has a dark, ominous theme to it as reverbed and delayed synths and percussion bang around over the driving bass and hi-hat grooves. “Smooth Operator” makes use of some more melodic elements, giving the track a refreshing feel. “The Greatest” features a sample from “Nast Boy,” coming as a tip of the hat from Ari El to the Notorious.

If you’re in need of some dancing in your life, slap on this EP and get ready. Take a listen below: