Thomas Gold, a prominent figure in progressive house music, recently released a couple singles titled “Magic” and “Better Versions of Myself“, some teasers before his upcoming album drops. Alongside these releases, Gold decided to do an AMA on asQme, giving his fans the chance to ask whatever might be on their minds.

In the questions asked, Gold speaks on what super heroes would popular DJs be, if he’d rather go out to dinner with Trump or Angela Merkel, what’s on his rider, his future plans, and what being relevant means to him. While some of the responses are rather light-hearted, many of them are packed with useful knowledge.

Take a look for yourself:

If record producers/DJs were superheroes, who would be superman, batman, spiderman, and who would be a supervillain? Why? 

Dinner with Donald Trump or Angela Merkel? Why?

What’s on your rider?

Where is the best place to go for a beer in Berlin?

What was your first job before being a producer/DJ?

As a musician, what does it mean to be relevant? Do you care about something like that?

Are you going to have another remix competition?