Coming out of Detroit, I was first introduced to Azura over two years ago when he made his way into my inbox with a nearly finished version of a bootleg remix of Illenium and Sound Remedy’s “Spirals.” I was left intrigued and since then have been following his work closely. In a little over two years, Azura has come from working on bootleg renditions of his favorite tracks to creating his own beautiful worlds through emotion and sonic depth. Azura takes art to a new level, finally releasing his highly anticipated Arches EP. Developing unique and individualized art for each track on the EP, Azura paints a world both physically and metaphorically with a collective mixture of graphics that evoke the emotion of each hit.

Opening with a blissful future melodic track similar to the likes of Porter, Chet Porter, Said the Sky and more, Arches kicks off with Azura’s massive single “Oasis” featuring Zoe Wick’s impeccable vocal talents. Combining beautifully crafted soundscapes with Wick’s chilling vocals and an absolutely jaw dropping amount of energy when the drop crashes in, Oasis is a perfect track to set the mood for the journey you’re about to take. Jumping straight into his next single “Lanterns,” you’ll be greeted with a bouncy and light new hit that will have you feeling giggly and weird all while dancing around your room like a child on Christmas.

Azura quickly shifts the tone of the EP with songs like his title track “Arches” which features a heavy amount of ambience and haunting evocations of nature, or the Flume inspired hit “Dragonfruit Spa” which has an almost video game soundtrack feel but will have you in a daze of funky saw infused euphoria. Other hits like “Sun Ruby” and “Fire Lily” will bring out an abundance of emotion, whether it be old child like joy or a thoughtful daze into an entire world of imagination, no amount of feels are left unturned. Wrapping up with his first debut original “Redemption,” Azura brings the entire 7 track EP to a close with a creatively theatric end with a haunting final song combining creative instrumentation with an intuitive percussion line that seamlessly brings the entire storybook like collection to an end. If there’s one release to hear this month, make sure to check out Azura’s “Arches EP” below and snag it for free download!