This duo has had success in the past with their debut release, “Deeper Love.” Now Tascione & TYNVN are at it again, with a massive hybrid track “Time.” Philly based Tascione has been making some noise, most notably with his co-sign with UZ and his label Quality Good Records. The Oklahoma Native TYNVN, has also received some glances from UZ’s Quality Good Records and got the attention of The Chainsmokers with his “Closer” remix.

With this new track, the duo combines soft melodies, distorted vocals, future bass inspired chords with some of the heaviest subs and wubs around. The track starts with a slow meandering arpeggiated synth, giving you a chance to prepare for the emerging bass madness. Once that first sub of the drop hits, you’re thrust into chaos of superbly sound designed wubs, nicely timed fills, and lush future bass inspired chords. All these elements combine into one heck of a track.

Take a listen below: