Sakuraburst has just taken to Soundcloud with his latest release, this time in the form of an outstandingly unique remix of one of Skrillex‘s most acclaimed hits, “Summit,” which featured vocals from the stunning Ellie Goulding. Featuring beautiful, overlapping melodies and a switch-up that will have you picking you jaw up off the floor, the remix comes as a perfect refresher for Skrillex fans who miss the old days of glitchy, melodic dubstep.

It begins with an optimistic series of gentle xylophones and synth plucks, before Skrillex’s iconic vocal chops enter the space. A dreamy atmosphere takes over the focus, leading eventually to a graceful build. Suddenly, the sweet mood is exchanged for unbelievable, crunchy synth growls and familiar samples. Glitch elements and unmistakable Sakuraburst signatures abound throughout the rest of the track, including even a few Pokemon samples.

Listen below.