This live electronic house trio is a force to be reckoned with. For the past few months, Savoy has been releasing singles to give us a taste of what to expect from Tomorrow Today Pt. 1. Now, Savoy has finally released the full EP in all of its glory. As their 5th studio EP, Tomorrow Today Pt. 1 is a treasure chest of polished sound consisting of six impeccable tracks.

Featuring a collaboration with Grammy-nominated Bright Lights, vocalist Jojee, and artists Porsche and FATHERDUDE, this EP offers a wide range of tracks. “Say No More” is undeniably a rock inspired jam, featuring distorted guitars and synth bass, pulsing with energy, whereas “Neon Nebraska” is mellow with half-timed drums and more live feeling. “Living Color” further demonstrates the trio’s versatility as producers and musicians with its disco infused beats dancing across your eardrums. “Stay” is a melodic, nostalgic track complete with a vocoder solo, and Jojee’s vocals fit perfectly over the shimmering synths and slow-jammed drums. “The Wolf” offers up some slower four-on-the-floor, Justice-inspired sounds. Overall, the EP is a well rounded release, putting all of the trio’s sundry talents on display.