I’m of the impression that Drum & Bass is at its strongest resurgence in years right now. Granted, I live in the US, so I’m widely unaware of the goings-on in the UK, where DnB is strongest; that being said, there have been a great many releases lately that have pointed me to this feeling.

In particular, the melding of different styles within DnB. Of course, this has already been going on for more than a decade. But special praise must be given to Benny Page for this absolutely incredible remix of “Wanna Feel Live” by Dr Meaker featuring Yolanda.

The original of this song was a beautiful, rolling bassline-filled, sensual heater with wonderfully effusive vocals and a jazzy, uptempo vibe. Essentially, it was feel-good music. What Benny Page did is nothing short of inconceivable. He completely switched up the tempo and drums, chopping up Yolanda’s vocals to insane effect, and adding his own horn line, completely changing the vibe of the track.

It’s not a far stretch to say that this remix is better than the original, if only for the creativity and style implanted within it by Benny. Out now on Circus Records, check out the remix below: