Back in 2012, before Zedd had made it big, he was commissioned for an original remix of JoJo’s “The Other Chick.” When it made it back to the original writers and producers on the track, however, they were so embarrassed that Zedd’s remix sounded so much better that they fought tooth and nail for it to never be released – and so it was.

A bad record deal by JoJo similarly prevented her from releasing any music for the past decade, so even the original never saw the light of day. Dave Rene, Interscope A&R in 2012 and now Zedd’s full time manager, told Billboard that, “[Zedd’s remix] was so much better than the original it caused a giant rift in the camp, and the producers and writers wouldn’t let us put it out.”

Now that JoJo has succeeded in breaking free of her previous record agreement and signed with Atlantic Records, it seems that these past tracks have begun leaking out. Listen to Zedd’s remix of “The Other Chick” below:


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