Martin Garrix and pop vocalist Dua Lipa released their collaborative track “Scared To Be Lonely” at the end of January, coming as a stylistic follow-up to Garrix’s 2016 song with Bebe Rexha, “In the Name of Love.” The track served as a deeper and more personal exploration of the melancholy and romantic path that his releases are beginning to go down.

The song was unveiled alongside an official music video, starring both Garrix and Lipa. The story followed the two as they experience the ups and downs of an intimate relationship, complete with abstract imagery and multiple shooting locations.

According to director Blake Caridge, however, the story’s main meaning comes from the small, fleeting moments during which a partner evaluates staying or leaving their relationship. In a brand new Behind the Scenes video, he and Garrix are interviewed about the process of creating the music video alongside footage of the sets and time in between shooting.

From the various technology used to shoot the video – including drones! – to the difficulties of working with non-actors, all of the information surrounding the mysterious music video is revealed in full.

Check out the Behind the Scenes clip below, and scroll further to watch the official music video itself.