The Weeknd embarked on his world tour this past weekend, playing shows in Oslo and Stockholm. In support of his Starboy album and the most fame and clout he’s ever had in his career, something had to be done about his stage that would be out of this world… well, we didn’t expect him to actually build a fucking space ship. But he did it anyway.

This towering monstrosity of a stage piece is likely a couple hundred feet tall and at least a hundred feet wide (we don’t have the exact specifications), but it’s lined with spotlights and LEDs along the entire border. To say that this would be anything other than a mindfuck to witness live would be an understatement of gargantuan proportions.

Check out The Weeknd’s tour dates below; RaeSremmurd, BELLY, and 6LACK will join him in North America.


Featured image via The Weeknd