By now, you’re probably familiar with 20syl. He’s the French producer behind some pioneering future bass and hip-hop remixes that have racked up millions of streams. A while back, the talented producer teamed up with west coast rapper Mr. J. Medeiros to create AllttA (A little lower than the Angels). With a few EPs under their belts, they have now decided to drop their debut album and it is a hit.

Their debut album “The Upper Hand” is a refreshing take on electronic infused hip-hop, with an inspiration from a wide range of other genres. The 16 tracks created by the duo combine some fundamentals of boom-baps while incorporating a wide range of other influences to create an album you will want to have on repeat. Some songs feature pure house-styled vibes, while others flaunt more indie-rock feelings. This album is a good testament to what the duo is capable of, and as you will hear, they’re capable of quite a lot. These two are definitely onto something great here!

You can check out the album here: