“Bass Jam” is the newest single from BONNIE X CLYDE’S upcoming EP. In case you haven’t come across this duo yet, they are a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the duo have years of combined experience under their belts, allowing them to create alluring, genre bending tracks. Bonnie has extensive experience in producing, singing, and DJing. You will hear these skills bleed through with her vocals on this new single. Clyde brings in a lot of production experience to the mix, most evident in the crisp sounds created in this new single.

The track begins with a reverbed guitar and a far away synth. Bonnie’s voice cuts through a four on the floor beat, setting the pace for the rest of the tune. The chorus comes in with a bang. Half timed, massive 808s hit your ears as Bonnie continues to draw you in with her vocals and lush bass drones echo in the background. Blending house and future bass elements, this new single has us yearning for the EP to be released.

Take a listen to the track below: