In 2017, we’ve seen an immeasurable growth in talent from names who captured our hearts in the previous year. As the scene fills with trend chasers and lack of innovation, there are those who are pushing boundaries and stepping outside their own borders, looking less at what’s hot and more at putting out an artistic vision that represents them as an artist. Stemming from Denver, Colorado, STéLOUSE is one of those names striving to break the mold and push not only himself but his fans in a new direction.

Formally a future bass style artist, STéLOUSE has evolved in 2017, combining impeccable singer-songwriter traits with beautifully designed production. Mixing live instrumentation with rhythmic basses and haunting melodies, the Denver producers latest single “Shivers N Gold” featuring Mascolo is just a new defining jewel that showcases this artists creative vision. Combining the release with an impeccably shot music video featuring an amazingly choreographed dance which takes the track to a whole new level. Make sure to check out the video here below and get ready as STéLOUSE takes over in 2017.