ARTY has long been one of our favorites here at Your EDM, so we’re thrilled to be premiering his newest single with Maty Notes, “Falling Down.” The best thing about this release, though, is that ARTY went the full mile on this one with another high-energy and festival ready version of the single dubbed the ‘Night Mix.’ Both singles come courtesy of Seeking Blue which has seen success lately with higher and higher profile artists with each passing release, culminating in their biggest to date with ARTY. The single is a wicked new display of ARTY’s new sound and direction which ties in perfectly with the sound and stature that Seeking Blue has created within the online dance music community.

“Falling Down” boasts a beautiful main melody which shows off a softer, warmer house side from the Russian producer that can almost be described as tropical. Maty Noyes’s soaring vocals will sure to have you in the state of euphoria while ARTY weaves deftly between the boundaries of conventional EDM and pop music seamlessly blending both worlds. The ‘Night Mix’ captures the same euphoric state of the original but utilizes some incredible future bass chops in both drops to kick the song a strong kick and show off some production versatility for the festival-loving crowd.

“The Night Mix version came together as an idea to show the beauty of the vocals and harmonies in a different spotlight. Since the original version is keeping the mellow vibe, the Night Mix is more dynamic, showing the uplifting side of the song.”

Stream both singles below. ARTY will be taking over our Spotify playlist tomorrow and running an AMA on /r/electronicmusic in promotion of his new single(s)!