Singular Sounds is one of the only sample/preset pack companies that continue to better themselves with each release – a task that seems next to impossible with the quality of content they’ve provided since day one.

With presets and samples made by (clearly) incredible professionals, both aspiring and established producers can expect nothing but the best from Singular Sounds. Releasing their first sample packs in late 2015, fans were treated to phenomenal Future Bass and Tropical House sounds. In early 2016, Singular Sounds released a Future Bass preset pack for Serum – a pack so good, I reach for it every time I need a new sound, or lack inspiration. Now, to start 2017 right, Singular Sounds has released a Future Trap sample pack; a pack I believe to be one of, if not the best, in the genre.

The pack includes 163 samples, with everything from drums (snares, kicks, percussion, cymbals), FX, and chord/melody loops.


Skrillex once said that drums can be the determining factor to what makes a song sound ‘professional’. It’s no secret that having great sounding drums can definitely elevate anyone’s production, and Future Trap definitely provides a professional sound. Each drum has clearly been processed and made to provide a professional sound, instantly sounding great in any sonic environment. The snares are tight and punchy, the kicks all hit where it matters, and the cymbals provide the exact sound needed to give the extra sparkle. Not only does each sound work, but they compliment each other as well.


Great FX can really add a new layer of sonic enjoyment to your productions., and even the most simple effect can make the biggest difference. The FX in Future Trap are all great, including Vocal FX, simple white noise risers and impacts and drum FX as well. Each effect sounds very clean and full, and will definitely be a go to for me in the future.


Chord loops and melody loops seem to have become a staple for sample packs. However, not many are able to provide the quality of writing and sound design that Singular Sounds does. Not only are the sounds used great (as is everything in this pack, to be quite honest), but the melodics of each chord progression and melody provided are catchy, and are even more musically advanced than many loops provided in other packs. Normally, I only reach for melody/chord loops as a source of inspiration when I can’t find any on my own,  but I can definitely see myself using these either as an extra texture in my productions, or even just on their own.

As I’ve already mentioned, Singular Sounds is one of my favorite sample/preset pack companies, and for good reason. Their content continues to get better with every release, and Future Trap is a true testament to that. The pack is currently available via Splice Sounds (as are all of their packs – I highly recommend you to check them out, you won’t be disappointed), so if you’re interested, take a look and listen to the pack here. If you aren’t subscribed to Splice Sounds yet, this pack should give you a reason to be.