UPDATE: Lady Gaga has officially been named as replacement headliner for Beyoncé. Read more here.

Breaking news from an unexpected source: Playboy has just allegedly confirmed via an anonymous source on Daft Punk‘s production team that the notoriously elusive French electronic duo is embarking on a Spring tour. This could certainly be the Alive 2017 news that fans have been eagerly waiting for.

“An anonymous source working on Daft Punk’s production has confirmed to Playboy that the Robots are planning a major—and we do mean major—tour this spring.”

While we won’t hold our breath to see if this plays out how we hope, this certainly adds credence to their 3:1 odds of headlining Coachella as replacement for Beyonce.

This news, of course, comes on the heels of their return to live performing at this years’ GRAMMY Awards alongside The Weeknd. Relive their 3-year awaited return to the stage right here, and enjoy their legendary 2006 Coachella performance below.