We all know and love deadmau5’s iconic stage design consisting of a massive cube. He recently decided to upgrade this stage set-up with the Cube 2.1. We know deadmau5 loves his tech, too. Throughout the process of upgrading, deadmau5 was hands on with the development and design of the Cube 2.1, stating that with his involvement, “you get to see more sides of my creativity as opposed to just kind of listening to the music you’ve already heard.” We also know that┬ádeadmau5 is immensely successful. What we didin’t know, however, is just how much the new cube cost. Now we know it cost him a pretty penny. Or should I say, a pretty P1.

Deadmau5 is a known fan of sports cars, most evident with his purchases of the Purrari and his McLaren P1. You may have seen the P1 featured in his coffee runs with some of electronic music’s biggest names. This same P1 we’ve come to know and love was sold to pay for the cube. We found this out when deadmau5 recently responded to a fan’s inquiry about the P1 with the tweet below:

If deadmau5 was willing to give up his beloved P1 for this Cube 2.1, the cube must be pretty marvelous. It also shows that deadmau5 puts in a lot to ensure that his fans are getting an unforgettable experience. There’s also a chance he’s not even serious and it’s all a big joke – it wouldn’t be the weirdest thing he’s tweeted.


Image via Rukes.com