Deorro turned heads at the end of 2016 when he dropped “Tell Me Lies” with Lesley Roy. The distinctly un-Deorro track was a far departure from the bounce that had made Deorro famous.

Now, Deorro has dropped a track which should make the bounce heads a little more comfortable, “Rise and Shine.” With some vocals reminiscent of 1920s speakeasy’s, there is a lot to love about this one.

And Deorro came out with even more big news – he’s releasing his debut artist album, Good Morning, on Ultra Music on March 31! Complete with an intro and multiple interludes, Good Evening is a 24-track concept album which has been three years in the making. From start to finish, it’s a culmination of uncountable genres and influences ranging from progressive house, to funky bass, to future and even harder dubstep.

Pre-order the album here and check out the tracklist below.

1. Good To See You (Intro)
2. Guide Me.mp3
3. If You Go First (Interlude)
4. Turn Back Time
5. Steady Rise (Interlude)
6. Goin Up
7. Miss You (Interlude)
8. Find A Way
9. Prove It (Interlude)
10. Butt Naked
11. Colorblind
12. Feeling Pretty Good
13. Hands Up
14. Drumline (Interlude)
15. Bomba
16. Reality (Interlude)
17. Tell Me Lies
18. Honest Man
19. Me, Myself and I (Interlude)
20. Rise and Shine
21. Sometimes (Interlude)
22. Let It Go
23. Lady
24. Pause