Earlier this week, we briefly discussed the rumor of a potential Calvin Harris and Beyoncé collaboration that first surfaced on Breathe Heavy. Thankfully for EDM fans everywhere, EDMSauce went the extra mile on their end and graciously dug through the ASCAP database to find some details.

ASCAP, or the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, is one of the three main American PROs (performing rights organizations) where producers, songwriters, musicians and more can register their works to ensure proper royalty payouts for public use of copyrighted material.

While EDMSauce didn’t find anything that specifically pointed to a collaboration with Beyoncé, they did find plenty of already registered, and currently unreleased, material to his name.

One simple explanation could be that the collaboration between Calvin Harris and Beyoncé just isn’t finished yet, and thus the label and Calvin’s team saw no reason to prematurely register it. Works can be registered really at any time – depending on what your specific PRO requires of you for registration – so maybe we can expect to see more material here in the near future. As for the registered works, could these be the 10 tracks that we’re expecting for the rest of 2017? Only time will tell.

H/T: EDMSauce | Featured Image Source: Rukes