KJ Sawka, esteemed drummer and producer for such legendary groups as Pendulum and Destroid, sat down with Nest HQ this week to discuss his personal history within the industry and the future of Pendulum itself. After several mysterious teasers and hints at Pendulum’s reunion were released last year, Sawka told Nest that the iconic group would return for at least four, confirmed festival stops in 2017.

“Pendulum as its always so secret, but I’m super stoked about Pendulum live. We have put so much work into it… Well, we have four confirmed and released festivals thus far. The hype is real and Pendulum is doing it LIVE once again. We couldn’t be more stoked to rock the world with a truly live Electronic music experience once again.”

Sawka said he’s most looking forward to playing at Nova Rock Festival in Austria and SouthWest Four, as “Any festival in the UK is always such a pleasure as it’s kind of the home of Pendulum.”

He went on to discuss his rise to stardom, and several acts that he participated in along the way, as well as his memory of the craziest live show experience he ever witnessed.

“Pendulum was in Russia. Of course the crowd was going fucking ape-shit and the mosh pits were surreal. Then there was this massive bomb-fire in the middle of the arena. I was playing and almost shitting my pants. I asked Gareth, ‘Dude, WTF!’ He’s like, ‘keep playing, thats what happens here’.. It was cray”

In celebration of Pendulum’s quickly approaching return to the live circuit, Sawka even uploaded a new drum cover for fans to enjoy. In the clip, he takes Skrillex’s iconic remix of GTA’s “Red Lips” and flips it into a heavy, almost-metal island of drum paradise.

Check it out in the player, and click here to view Nest HQ’s complete interview with KJ Sawka.