I’ve mentioned this plenty of times in the past, but it seems like now more than ever YouTube curators and setting up their label arms off of their ability to promote content to a massive digital audience quickly. Well, Mr Revillz did it first and he’s still doing it today with a new EP by Aash Mehta out now on his affiliated label Casual Jam Records.

Stardust sees Aash open up to his listeners in the most intimate way possible by etching his fingerprints all over the EP from start to finish. All of the material was written, produced, and then mixed on his own which leave’s plenty of room for the producer to leave his mark on the record. Chock full of quality vocalists and well-written melodies that show off Aash’s keen production chops in balancing future bass and chill trap with an assortment of darker influences and sounds.

Stream Stardust EP below.